Is your air con working as well as it should be?

Over time, the seals on your air conditioning system can harden, this allows the gas to leak out into the atmosphere.

As your car gets older, or if it is not used that often then this can become quite a common problem.

The result is the air con just does not work like it used to.

We can safely remove the old gas, and re-gas the system, this combined with using it more means the seals get lubricated, solving the problem, keeping your air con working perfectly.

Once your aircon is working well, it cools the car down in warm weather, and helps to keep the person who is driving the car alert.

We love air con on hot humid days where it dries the air out and makes the inside of the car cool and comfortable.

When the air con is working well, you can keep the windows closed when driving in towns, meaning you will not be breathing in fumes.

One of the best things about air con though is that it takes all the moisture out of the air in the car, which stops windows misting up, which increases visibility and so makes you safer on the road.

Drier air in the car also cuts down on moulds and other bacteria, which in turn means less fusty or unpleasant smells.

So, if your air con is not working as it should be, pop in for a coffee and a chat, we will have it working again before you know it.