Terraclean at Mats Garage

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MATS Garage is an official Terraclean Agent.

Mat, the owner of MATS Garage explains, “Over time carbon deposits build up in engines, these reduce the performance of the engine and can also play havoc with fuel economy. There are countless products on the market that claim to remove this carbonisation, however the results can vary widely. Some can even damage your engine. So deciding which de-carbonisation product is the best took us a lot of research, we even tested out one out on Rich’s car to see how good it was…”

In the end, we decided to go with the market leader Terraclean because:

  • It does what all of the other products on the market cannot do
  • It is safe for the engine
  • It is delivered through the fuel system and so it does not damage engine seals
  • It made a huge difference to Rich’s car, with increases in performance and miles per gallon

We have seen Terraclean dramatically reduce emissions on some customers cars and one of our customers who owns a Rav4 even got an extra 10mpg!

Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will get an extra 10mpg but all of the cars we have treated have run much more smoothly, been more responsive and have had an improvement in mpg.

Here is what one our customers had to say:

“Just thought that I would give you a review for the Terraclean, which was conducted on my Jaguar X Type 2 D estate. I must say that I am very pleased with the result, car running much better & the mileage (on a run) has risen from 50 to 52.5 mpg. Well worth the money!”

So if you would like a smoother running, more responsive and more economical engine, come and have a chat with us about Terraclean.