Mat Seaman

Mat is the owner of MATS Garage

Mat is the owner of MATS Garage, and since he was a child, playing with his matchbox toys he has lived for his cars. After working for 20 years as a technician with a franchised dealer Mat followed his dream and set up his own garage, with one simple aim, to be the most trusted garage in the area.

Mat’s first car was a Mark II Escort in red. It ended up in a dyke after the first week due to Mat thinking he was a rally driver. Mat has owned approximately 100 cars since then, and worked on many thousands more!

Mat enjoys talking about going to the gym, and is now too old to play football. Watching football, F1 and Moto GP are a more comfortable replacement these days.


Abi Longsden

Administrator (and Mat's little sister)

Abi has asked us to make it clear that she is Mat’s littlest sister – please don’t confuse her for Mat’s wife/girlfriend as it makes them both shudder! Abi is a qualified accountant and works part time at MATS garage in the reception, and keeping the books up to date.

Abi is chief tea/coffee maker, so be nice to her, and don’t leave the door open or she will tell you off!

Abi’s first car was a blue Renault Clio, but she never took an interest in cars until she owned her first yellow car – Lexi the Ford Ka. Lexi has since been replaced with Melony the Ford Focus (also yellow) and Mat nearly banned Melony from the compound when Abi put some eyelashes on her! Abi has two daughters, and enjoys face painting in her spare time.


Rich Hutchinson

Vehicle Technician (who started his working life as Mat's apprentice)

Rich started work as Mat’s apprentice for a franchised dealer, and moved across to work with Mat again once MATS garage was established. Rich is a fully qualified mechanic and MOT tester, with over 6 years experience.

Rich’s interests include motor cross biking, tinkering with his Kawazaki motor cross bike, extreme mountain biking and playing football for Howden AFC. Rich also goes to the gym, unlike Mat who just thinks about it.

Rich owned a Rover 25 in green for his first car – thankfully his taste in cars has improved since then!


Mick Partington

Head of scooter based technologies

Mick has 40 years experience in the trade, including working on HGVs and plant machinery as well as virtually every make of car and light goods vehicle.

He likes tinkering with his beloved scooter in his spare time, and is into the whole scooter scene including the music.

Talking of music, Mick is also roadie to a band, although he insists the roadies never get the girls at gigs (or at least, thats what he tells us!)


Luke Berry

Our apprentice

Luke has been working at MATS since he joined the team on work experience from school.

Luke is currently at Selby College studying Photography, Physics and Computing.

However he is also passionate about cars, and is hoping to study motorsports engineering when he finishes college.

When he is not studying, and working at MATS Luke is into photography, cycling and football (Hull)


Noah Bexon

Mat's young apprentice...

Noah is the youngest member of the MATS Garage team.

As Mat’s son, Noah has grown up around cars and loves Range Rovers, especially the one that his Dad had that took him swimming and to football.

Noah, likes going on adventures, sitting in the driving seat and practicing his driving skills.